Lauren Shuster is a personal trainer in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Anthropology and Biology minor. She is certified through CAN-FIT-PRO as a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Instructor. Her educational background has allowed her to gain a detailed knowledge of human musculoskeletal anatomy and postural patterns which she passes on to her clients. She has taken courses and workshops on “Postural Assessment”, “Supplementation”, “Coaching Clients”, “Pre & Post Natal Fitness” and “Women’s Fitness”.

Lauren has experience working with pre\post natal clients, older adults, post-rehab clients and clients training for sporting events. She has a background in modern dance and ballet which she uses to help educate her clients about proper posture, focus, flexibility and balance. Her detailed knowledge of sport specific exercises allows her to build her clients’ strength and endurance. Lauren specializes in core training using the BOSU, stability ball and resistance band to create unique programs for her clients that improve their posture, strength, endurance and overall health.

Lauren also instructs Body Conditioning classes, Gentle Fitness, “Mommy and Me” fitness and Hi/Lo aerobics around Toronto. In the past, Lauren has worked as a Recreation Coordinator designing fitness programs for the older adult population and teaching Aquafit classes.

Lauren’s Holistic Approach to Health

Extensive research has been done on how our mind can affect our body. Neck tension, back pain and digestive problems are often related to mental stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to train the mind, as well as the body, to achieve the highest level of health. My approach to fitness includes using elements of yoga and breathing exercises to release tension, improve concentration and lower stress levels during and post workout.

Anthropological Approach

As human beings, bipedalism (walking on two limbs) is a relatively new way of moving in our evolutionary history. Our bodies have yet to fully adjust to this type of posture. As a result, many of us experience lower back pain, knee and hip problems, tight hamstrings, neck tension and weak stomach muscles. My approach works on strengthening and stretching those muscles that are most affected by our upright pattern of walking.

Core Training

The core muscles include: the lower back muscles, stomach muscles, hip flexors and extensors. These muscles are the “powerhouses” of the body and without strong and flexible core muscles you cannot achieve a balanced physique. In training my clients, I use the stability ball and resistance bands to challenge the deep core muscles while incorporating balance, strength and flexibility.

Functional Training

Exercises in a balanced fitness plan should reflect day-to-day movements and challenges that the body encounters. In other words, exercises should be functional. A squat is a functional exercise because it strengthens the leg muscle involved in sitting and rising from a chair. The lunge is another functional exercise because it strengthens the muscles involved in climbing stairs. Functional training is also important because it trains the smaller stabilizing muscles that support the major muscles in movement. The stabilizers are often neglected in machine based exercises that only allow for one range of motion.

Lauren Shuster - Toronto Personal Trainer

"I met Lauren in a group fitness class, and was impressed with her energy and teaching ability. In group classes, she is an excellent teacher. But once I started doing individual sessions with her, I really saw positive changes in my body. As proof that she encourages me to work harder, at my recent annual physical, I recorded changes in my fitness level across all key measures. On top of that, she has a great sense of humour, which makes the minutes vanish as we work harder! Can you say- plank? I look forward to my sessions with her every week!"

* * * * *Rating by Barb, CEO of Market Research Firm: 5.0 stars
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